Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Warrior

This weekend I was very industrious. My usual routine involves me helping my wife clean the house and then avoiding any other thing which resembles work. But this Saturday was different.

I fixed our leaking toilet by replacing the flapper. Although the toilet mechanism isn't terribly complex, I was still worried that I hadn't properly diagnosed the problem. But ever since installing the new flapper we haven't heard any more of the tell-tale running water.

I installed a programmable, digital thermostat. This was a bit more like rocket-science... or perhaps defusing a bomb? But the instructions were very clear and I didn't even electrocute myself. Within a few minutes time I had removed the hold and installed the new. Now we can actually tell what temperature it is set at instead of the old-fashoned guesswork. And it was easy to set up for our schedule. I'm hoping to see some savings in the utility bills this year.

I built some shelf additions for our DVDs. We have a deep bookcase which is deep enough for two rows of DVDs. Each shelf is also pretty tall, so I got the idea to raise the back layer of DVDs so we could see the back row. So while I was out buying the flapper and thermostat, I picked up some wood and got it cut right there at the store. I probably should have planned it a bit better and measured the wood I purchased, because when I got home I was miffed to discover that the wood was not the size it had claimed to be! I don't know if it was mislabeled or what. But I salvaged the operation and now we have our DVDs shelved in all their glory.

It felt good to get so much done around the house! Not that I necessarily want to abandon my typical ways, but now and then I enjoy a little weekend handiwork.