Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Auditory Sophistication

Two weeks ago, we added a large new item to our home: a piano. It is a beautiful black upright piano. My wife and I have always wanted to buy one, and we determined that we could afford one this fall. So when pianos went on sell last month, we dove in.

Since then I've been enjoying my wife's playing. I wish I could play something that resembled music. But I'm content to just listen. Our home has some interesting acoustic properties which sends all the sound from downstairs to the upper floor. That has been annoying at times, but it means I can hear the piano from pretty much anywhere in the house.

I look forward to having music in our home. I feel that it brings a certain level of refinement, especially as classical pieces are played. Although they probably won't like it at times, I intend to insure that our children learn to play.

It is a very welcome addition to our home.