Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year, New Job

Seeing that 2008 was a hard act to follow, the new year has come on stage with trumpeting fanfare and has presented me with a new job.

As I was not fully satisfied with my current job, I felt that I shouldn't snub any opportunities that came my way. This particular opportunity was audacious enough to call me up directly! Actually, I've gotten a couple of calls from people who have found my profile on LinkedIn. My new job came from one of these calls.

I interviewed in mid-December, but didn't hear back for almost a month. But eventually the job offer came. When I told my boss I'd be leaving my current job they gave me a counter-offer, but after considering my options the new job was just too appealing. Although it is somewhat intimidating, I feel like I've made the right decision for my career and family.

Although I am excited to get into a new job which will take programming more seriously, it will be kind of sad to leave my current job. I've made some good friends. I've enjoyed some fun projects. I've tried to make a difference. It was nice to know how valuable my manager believes I am. The fear of change has tried to deter me from changing jobs, but I have resisted.

In just one week I'll be starting my new job. It is kind of stressful and nerve-wracking, but also exciting.

. . .

Quit my job down at the carwash
Didn't have to write no one a goodbye note
That said, "The check's in the mail, and
I'll see you in church, and don't you ever change"...

Sunday, January 4, 2009


The dawning of the new year has caused me to pause and reflect on all that has happened to me in 2008. There have been many changes, including some important life-changing ones which I had been pining for over the years. It was a wonderful year.

The biggest and best change of the year (not to mention my life) was getting engaged and married. It is strange how it seems so long ago, even though many weeks tend to fly by. My beautiful wife has made me so very happy. It is hard to imagine life without her now.

The other big change for me was getting laid off and finding a new job. Career-wise, this year has been a veritable roller-coaster! But I think I have been improving my skills along the way. Along with things I've been learning at work (like iPhone app programming!), I've also been working on my own projects and learning from there. Work has also brought about little things, like when I really got into using wikis.

Another change I've experienced is regularly going to the gym. Off and on over the years I've tried to be good about exercising, but in 2008 it actually happened over the whole year. That's another thing that I have my sweetheart to thank about.

Last year brought many good times in the way of games. At the beginning of 2008 I was still riding the wave of Gamevember 2007, playing Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed. Rock Band has been a lovely year-long experience. It is one game that my wife enjoys, and we've built up a decent collection of songs now. Then Rock Band 2 made it all the better. I've also enjoyed Spore, Castle Crashers, and others! There have also been some great non-video games such as Mexican Train and Quiddler.

It has also been a great year for music and movies. Between my wife, Rock Band, and Pandora, I've expanded my music selection quite a bit. For movies, I very much enjoyed Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda, and Wall-E (which I finally saw over Christmas). I also experienced some great older movies, like when my good friend gave me Yojimbo and Sanjuro.

Playing D&D with my friends has been just plain awesome. The game is very fun to play, and I've enjoyed being the DM. But it has also been really fun to be able to regularly get together with my friends.

Recently I've started reading again. I hope that this is something that I can carry over into 2009. There are always so many things that I want to do (including writing on this very blog), but I should try to make sufficient time for reading.

The 2008 holiday season was a joyful time spent with family. I love and appreciate my family so very much. I have especially enjoyed watching and playing with my nephew during his first year. It is fun to be an uncle.

Now looking forward, I'm excited for the things which the year 2009 will bring.