Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year, New Job

Seeing that 2008 was a hard act to follow, the new year has come on stage with trumpeting fanfare and has presented me with a new job.

As I was not fully satisfied with my current job, I felt that I shouldn't snub any opportunities that came my way. This particular opportunity was audacious enough to call me up directly! Actually, I've gotten a couple of calls from people who have found my profile on LinkedIn. My new job came from one of these calls.

I interviewed in mid-December, but didn't hear back for almost a month. But eventually the job offer came. When I told my boss I'd be leaving my current job they gave me a counter-offer, but after considering my options the new job was just too appealing. Although it is somewhat intimidating, I feel like I've made the right decision for my career and family.

Although I am excited to get into a new job which will take programming more seriously, it will be kind of sad to leave my current job. I've made some good friends. I've enjoyed some fun projects. I've tried to make a difference. It was nice to know how valuable my manager believes I am. The fear of change has tried to deter me from changing jobs, but I have resisted.

In just one week I'll be starting my new job. It is kind of stressful and nerve-wracking, but also exciting.

. . .

Quit my job down at the carwash
Didn't have to write no one a goodbye note
That said, "The check's in the mail, and
I'll see you in church, and don't you ever change"...