Sunday, May 31, 2009


Apparently my blog has come down with a bad case of journalitis -- a condition where it is neglected for long periods of time.

My wife and I really have been quite busy of late. I have started on an open source project which threatens to take forever to complete, even if I do spend all my free time on it each week. And we are also getting new floors.

I've come to find a new level of respect for those programmers out there who spend their time away from work on open source projects. I've found it to be very difficult, even though I am really passionate about the project. I imagine that many programmers have to sacrifice a lot of other things to work on their labor of love. Especially after they've put in 8 hours at their day job. But I cannot in good conscience sacrifice much of my time -- especially the time my wife needs me. So I do what I can and hope that it won't fall by the wayside like other projects that I've embarked upon.

One thing that will help this project though, is that I have other people already interested in it and working with me. None of them are programmers, but they are experienced in the kind of work. Thankfully, they will be able to help me with much of the non-programming work that I tend to ignore or procrastinate.

I have a long term dream that someday work on this project could be my day job. But I'm a little fearful to ask how long "long term" will actually be. The end goal is something almost too good to be true. So in the meantime, I'll just have to patiently and diligently work toward my goal.

I'm reminded of a quote from Trigun, "Every great journey must begin with a single enormous step."