Monday, August 6, 2007

Mood Ring

Isn't it strange how a person can get in a mood where they just don't know what to do? When I'm at work sometimes I feel like all I want to do is hurry home to be free. But often when I get home I don't know what I should do with my free time. After giving it some thought, I feel that for me the important factors seem to be mood (i.e. emotion) and interaction with people.

When I'm in a bad mood or feeling lonely it seems harder to find something fun to do. But when I'm in a good mood everything seems fun! Or when I'm with friends the time passes by and I have fun regardless of what we do (which often is just sitting around talking or watching some show). And actually when I'm in the proper mood I throughly enjoy being at work! Of course, that has not a little to do with loving what I do...

It is almost disturbing how powerfully women affect my mood. They have the uncanny ability to push my emotions into extreme states such as irrepressible giddiness, abyssal melancholy, or unholy wrath. I find myself happy to do almost anything for a girl if I think she might like me even a little.

Apparently there is a way to harness this power. They call it marriage. Unfortunately it surpasses my understanding. But I hope that someday I will find someone who will help me to really enjoy every day of my life.