Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paving My Road With Good Intentions

It has been almost a month since I started working on my game again. I feel like I've made some good progress on it. And yet, when I look at the long list of things to do I feel somewhat discouraged. I suppose it is mostly due to not having worked on it much these last two weeks.

For about the first ten days I was really excited. I stayed up a little too late and thought about it a little too much. But I kept plodding along until I got to one of the first complex parts. That's about when life stepped in with other matters which required my attention.

Nevertheless, I still am interested in working on my game. I plan to come back to it. Despite the title of this post, the plan is to pour some actual development asphalt down on this road. Intentions alone just don't have the requisite traction. It will take time (quite a bit of it actually), but I plan to keep working on it. Time will tell.

Still, my primary goal was to start a programming project for myself. That goal has been met so far. So I can console myself in that fact.

In a way it is sad to think of the various projects (programming or otherwise) that I've embarked on yet never finished. Some barely got out of the starting gate before collapsing on the ground, victims of a premature death. Yet life is always full of more important things. I believe that for the most part, I've been successful at setting priorities and getting the necessary things done.