Friday, August 24, 2007

PAX: T-minus 1

I woke up this morning to find us traveling through some beautiful green canyons. I must have fallen asleep after they stopped playing such scream-tastic music. Bleary-eyed and half asleep we wandered into an IHOP and had breakfast.

Somehow I remembered a lot of the street signs and locations as we came into Bellevue, so we managed to make it to the mall where we visited the LEGO shop, and I easily found our hotel. We checked in, set up an XBox 360, and then I managed to fall asleep despite the sound of people playing BioShock.

After sleeping the afternoon away, we eventually got up to go eat and catch a movie. (I know we could have seen a movie at home, but hey it’s our vacation and we’ll do what we want!) My luck in driving took a turn for the worse however, as we found ourselves lost in Bellevue and then traveling over some really long bridges. But the scenery was neat and we eventually found our way back around to I-90. Then I almost got lost again, but somehow some tall buildings appeared magically from behind some trees and we were there.

But probably the best moment of the whole day was when David asked Chris if he would touch his buns. Chris kept saying no, and David kept asking louder and louder. Apparently he had one hot and one cold hamburger bun.

Tomorrow will be the first day of PAX. I'm pretty excited.