Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Color of My Eyes

I learned my colors when I was young;
the skies are blue and grass is green.
Though they have different names in every tongue,
everyone seems to agree on what colors they've seen.
But could it be that the red you see,
looks quite different to me?

Now we'd agree that the color of the school bus
is quite obviously a yellow hue.
But if you could see through my eyes without a fuss,
you might find that same vehicle to be a rather brilliant shade of blue!
Are skies of yellow and grass of red
things you see daily in your head?

Although we might see different colors with our eyes,
we've been brought up calling each by a certain name.
And thus we wouldn't ever realize
that our views are not the same.
For if you call it blue,
I will too.

Sadly we may never know
if color is really a matter of perception,
for there is no way to show
the brain's interpretation of the eye's reception.
But it's fun to think that you might see a purple orange.