Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dear Diary?

Recently I've been thinking about how my blog posting has been languishing, and how I'd like to pick up the pace again.

My intention in creating this blog was never to make it a journal. It was mostly a place to sharpen my writing skills and write about things that I felt like writing about. I've always been wary about putting personal information out there on the Internet. That's one reason why I avoid names on this blog. I try to be intentionally vague about personages, but details do seem to slip in there from time to time.

In any case, I still hold to my original desire. It's just that I find that some of the things I wish to write about are very journal-esque. I say this not by way of apology, but merely to inform my readers (real or imagined) so they can understand my intentions. In all actuality, I don't think that very many people read this blog. (And I've got the comments off, so you can't tell me if you have read it! Ha!) But I should circulate the word a bit more... yes. To friends and family.

So having said that, I now wish to continue by writing on a subject of a most personal nature. Of late my time has been occupied by a certain special someone.

My girlfriend.

She is the best. She's beautiful, kind, and thoughtful. She's intelligent and funny. Somehow she seems to remember every passing detail which I tell her of. She makes me so happy. I am content and peaceful whenever I am with her.

I love her.