Sunday, August 26, 2007

PAX: Day 2 – The Long Haul

We stayed up too late. But it has been good day. We started off by re-visiting the expo hall. I had a chance today to talk with some of the guys working on/for Rock Band. I was curious about how the vocal (microphone) part works and some of the general game mechanics. They were happy to explain and it looks like it will be pretty solid. It actually made me kind of excited to try out the singing part – secretly on my own at first, of course.

There was an awesome live demo for Assassin’s Creed today too. The creative director for the game talked about it and played the demo. He had some interesting things to say about their vision and philosophies for making the game. They wanted to give the player a lot of freedom by binding you to “real world” rules instead of “game rules.” The best example of this is how you can climb around the city. They didn’t go around the levels adding special areas, anchor points, or certain textures you can climb on. Instead it was built into the engine and model design. So you can just look at things in the game. If they jut out you can climb on them to go virtually anywhere.

I looked at the Warhammer MMO booth for a while, but although people were playing the demo, it was hard to really get much detail. What I saw looked a lot like World of WarCraft in general terms, but the look was grittier. So how it will differ from WoW will depend a lot on details which I didn’t really have available.

(Image credit: Gamers First)

I spent a little while talking with the model at the Sword of the New World booth. I hope she was getting paid well, because she was on her feet for like 8 hours wearing a somewhat uncomfortable (albeit attractive) costume. Also, she’s a gamer and she won’t really get a chance to enjoy PAX. It was fun to talk to her though. It turns out she’s a lawyer’s assistant and just does this kind of thing for fun. She likes FFVII and most console RPGs. Even the booth babes like PAX!

Later I crashed as my friends played the upcoming 4th edition of Talisman. It looked like fun, but I just couldn’t keep awake. But after napping I did try out the DOOM board game. It reminded me a lot of Space Hulk, but it definitely has it’s own feel and gameplay.

Finally we packed up everything and made our way back to the motel. Tomorrow we’ll finish off our time at PAX and start on our way home.