Monday, February 18, 2008

My Galactic Empire

A couple years ago, I set my mind to creating a game. I worked on it a little during that first summer, but really didn't get around to making it work until that winter when I was on break from school. It seems strange to think how long it has been since I created it.

The game was one of galactic conquest. It involved exploration, researching technology, and fighting over systems with other players. You could even design your own ships (according to the rules of the game).

I had a lot of help from my friends to build it. They gave me some great suggestions, and I programmed it. We had some good times playing that game.

Every once in a while, I get the desire to make games. But programming a game takes a lot of time and energy. Lately I've been thinking about this game. At one point I had met with some friends and hashed out ideas for a second version. I really like the direction we were headed with it. I think the game would be greatly improved, and we even had some ideas to fix some fundamental problems with the game.

I've tossed ideas around for a little while, but there are two main things holding me back:
  • Time
  • Players

    It took me a good while to build the original game. I'm not sure how many hours, but I'm sure it was in the hundreds. Right now, I just don't feel like I have that kind of time.

    The other issue is who would I play the game with? I'm sure that I could get some friends to play with me for a while, but in the long term I'm not so sure. But part of me just wants to build it anyway. Even if it is just for my own satisfaction.

    Sometimes I wish I could just work 4 days a week at my regular job and then work 1 day a week on my own projects. The weekends are too busy with other things to devote a whole day on a project like this. But perhaps I can start getting up earlier on Saturdays (wait, no sleeping in?) to work on this project for a couple hours a week.

    I've toyed with some ideas for it. I've thought about buying some web hosting to run the game. I could build a site for it and see if anyone wants to donate to the project. I've also thought about building it in a different way so it wouldn't require a central server. I've even thought about making the whole thing open-source... although that idea makes me cringe because I want to retain control!

    If you have played the game with me (you know who you are) and would like to see a new and improved version, let me know! But for now, my plans are still up in the air.